Rock Poetry


1. Mort was very fond of Sport
but she was only fifteen
and he got caught.

2. Ed asked Ted, he'd not seen Fred.
'Is he still in bed?' he said.
'Yes' said Ted,'but he can't get up.'
'Why is that?' asked Ed.
'Because' said Ted, 'he's dead.

3. Mary wants to be a fairy
but she's fifteen stone and far too scary.

4. An invitation arrived to come along
the parties theme was to wear a thong
I didn't go, it was in Hong Kong.

5. Giles face lit up with radiant smiles
when introducing his new 'friend' Miles.
He used to go out with a boy called Kilometres.

6. Dot was not too happy with her lot
so she opened up her money pot.
had plastic surgery and now she's hot.

7. Geraldine is seldom seen
She doesn't keep her windows clean.

8. Heidi only makes love on Fridays
because seven times would make one weak.

9. Jill used to pop those druggy pills
but not until she got hold of Bill's
did she really experience those special thrills

10. Jason is a hugely successful artist
who often takes the piss.
( He's known as a piss artist)

11. Ann is a professional dancer
and dances with a fan.
But he's had enough and giving up
much to her chagrin.

12. Mary had a little lamb
and then her husband fainted,
but when he came around he was relieved
when he noticed it had his own brown eyes.
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