Rock Poetry

Little Joe who made it big 

Almost as soon as he could speak
little Joe was a music freak
never happy unless music played
the more he heard the more he craved.
Usually stood up front, before the stage
to him hard rock was all the rage.
The impure notes of lead guitar
blew his mind and took him far.
Could he play like that one day,
unless he tried, it was hard to say.
So he bought an electrified guitar
and set out determined to become a star.
Some young chap commenced to teach
but to little Joe it was beyond his reach.
He could not master those wayout chords
became morose, and then because,
he lost his job had no bread to buy
that ticket to the concert of a band called Sky.
That same night he had a dream
played lead guitar like no-one's seen
all the crowd had gone berserk
little Joe no need to work
but then he woke, the sky was grey,
could it really happen, this very day.
So he thought about it long and hard
and decided that he'd found the card
God had given him a sign
why else the reason he was feeling fine.
To kill himself was the only way
reborn again, but who could say.
Would he become the lead guitar
backing to some world famed star?
What did little Joe have to lose
so he wrote a letter to the daily news
and made his way to the underground
just as he thought, for there he found
an audience standing packed up tight
he walked to the edge, he felt no fright,
then hurled himself onto the central track
5000 volts jackknifed his back
such a light show was never seen
as the sparks arced up into a beam
the smell of singeing flesh and hair
hung heavy in the musty air.
So little Joe became world known
when next day his story blown.
Every paper carried the news
and ridiculed him for his weird views.
But who were they to stand and judge
for Joeys resolution would not budge.
Twenty years later a brand of rock
was launched by a man of original stock,
who felt that he'd been around before,
the crowds all pleaded to hear some more
his discs outsold a million each
the whole world came within his reach
every night he played a gig
Yes, little Joe had made it big.
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