Rock Poetry

Little lady deeply troubled 

Little lady without a man
determined to have her child.
Carried her pregnancy against all advice, and saving all the money she could.

As the time drew near she made her plans
and built up her own meagre home.
Bought a cot and a pram and knitted some clothes
then waited excitedly.

The pains came on strong at a quarter past two
she hitched a lift in a van.
Went into the hospital and waited her turn,
an hour later he was born.

A little bundle of person was put by her side
She turned and fondled him close
three minutes later he was taken away,
she never saw him again.

Some rare disorder had taken its life,
they told her without too much thought.
She pulled herself up and out of the bed
then dressed and went into the street.

In a dazed frame of mind she ambled along
until she spotted a pram,
looking inside she saw her own little boy,
so she picked him up and ran.

Once in her room she put him to bed
and sat by his side most the night.
she changed him, and fed him and gave him her love
no other thought in her head.

Before very long they crashed through the door
and roughly took her away.
She screamed and pleaded the baby was hers,
as it started to cry where it lay.

The papers next day all carried the news,
and pictures of the relief of its mum.
No-one stopped to consider or think
of the reasons of why it was done.

She was taken to court and formerly charged,
some stood and started to shout.
Some of them taunted a few hissed and booed,
confused she wondered what the fuss was about.

Held in custody and alone in the world,
she refused to accept anyone.
She refused to eat and was determined to die
how could they steal her son.

Transferred to a ward, some kindness at last, attempting to get her to cope.
Some progress was made, she began to respond
she could feel a beginning of hope.

Just a year later now working the street,
she strode up to her pitch for the night.
It was bitterly cold as she drew a deep breath,
and pulled her red fox round her tight.

Was there a future for her?, what lay in store?
were her chances of life looking grim?
Did she know how it was, was the wrong way to go,
realisation was at last sinking in.
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