Rock Poetry

Life after death 

Don't tell me I'll get better and soon be home again,
the doctors say I'm very sick, and I'm sure I'm near to dying.
It's been a long time coming and you know I've been through hell, I can feel I'm going somewhere, but just where I cannot tell.

You can all come back tomorrow, you know I love you all,
but all this wretched fussing is driving me round the bend.
Say your goodbyes each one of you, and kiss my wrinkled hand, If I'm still here tomorrow, you can bring the village band.

Now I'm left alone again, and have got some peace of mind
I can think back on my life, and of those I'll leave behind.
My dear wife so good to me, my daughter and my son.
How will he manage without my help, what will he become?

Something's happening, I feel quite strange, and press the bell for help. The nurse comes in and feels my pulse, then calls the doctor in.
But it's too late, yet I see them there, can they bring me back to life? I seem to hover above it all, I'm causing so much strife.

Decisions made, I won't go back, I see a bright white light.
I leave my body without a thought, sucked upwards into a void. All my cares and pain have been lifted from my soul,
and to enjoy this great adventure need be my only goal.

I feel happier than I've ever been even though a ghost,
and can behold the beauty of the world and all that lives within it, and the many souls around me make me feel so secure, we're waiting for some connection quite what, no-one knows for sure.

Time is of no importance here within this state of mind,
whether days or years or decades, it matters not at all.
What shall be my destiny, what is meant for me?
All I know I'm contented, and have never felt so free.

Suddenly my time has come, something's calling me,
and then I'm in some darkened place that's cosy soft and warm. Slowly my mind is growing dim, I can't remember who I've been, or where I was or who I knew, or even what I'd seen.

A rhythmic beat surrounds my being, I hear strange sounds beyond. I feel I'm growing into something else whatever that may be. All my knowledge has been taken from me, I am now so infantile. To stretch and yawn and kick my legs, and then to rest awhile.

How much later there is so much stress, something shouts and screams. I'm squeezed and pushed and turned around, what's happening to me? And within a moment just fright and fear, and when I can bear no more, once again I see bright lights I remember from before.

Held aloft, turned upside down, I hear my own weak cry,
then something warm and soft is pressed towards my mouth, sustenance to relieve my soul, and before so very long, I suckle, eager for that warm sweet taste, that'll make me big and strong.

Soon I'll know just what I am, and what I may become, and who it is that loves me, and on who I can rely. Will I be advantaged, or dealt a rotten hand? I'll just have to make the best of it and soon I'll understand.

A man of forty-three thinks back, to the parents he did love.
Who gave him everything they could, and why he'd achieved so much. He often thought what came after life, was there a God or not? He should have known, he'd been there before, those many times forgot.
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