Rock Poetry


A little boy is five today, who is his dad?
There's Kenny Bailey, remember him?
there's Richard too, he's here a lot,
and Daddy who owns a porsche, and a funny house.....
who knows the king of the pixies...honest.

Daddy will you fly my kite? Why not?
Will you phone the king? I'm five today.
I want a ferrari Dino when I'm big
with a black stripe up the bonnet, and
over the roof. It will have two purple stripes on the doors....
I don't want a porsche like you.

Why don't you live with us? My sister wants you to.
Can I stay with you tonight? I'll bring my things.
Why did you buy those drums? Can I ride your motorbike?
Don't go too fast, is Margaret there?
Where's Barbara gone?
I love you Daddy.......I love you son.
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