Rock Poetry

Rough Trade 

Rough trade she was and that was sure
but now I'll tell you something more;
one time she'd been a beauty queen
rarely touched but often seen.

Friends around and champagne lunches,
she looked so cute with her hair in bunches.
Such was life of this movie star
until she was hit by this motor car.

She'd been sleeping with the President,
and to the C.I.A. it became evident
that before a scandal could damage the scene
eliminate the girl who'd become over keen.

So they hit her fast and hard one night
she really looked an awful sight,
with broken limbs and scarred up face,
to all her "friends" she was now a disgrace.

The benefactor who'd been her lover
immediately found himself another,
her money all spent on medicals
there was no-one else to pay the bills.

So she dragged herself to a downtown bar,
and told them all she'd been a star.
They laughed aloud and disbelieved
but still paid ten bills to be relieved.

Until one night I saw her there
and all I could do was stand and stare
for here was the girl of the silver screen
whom I'd worshipped yet had never seen.

So I went and told her who I was,
and how I'd loved her and just because
She'd had bad times but wasn't beaten
and then I asked her if she'd eaten.

So we went along and had a meal,
and before very long I began to feel;
showing warmth and depth I had seldom found
I could feel my heart begin to bound.

She came home with me, by the way, I'm rich,
when the plastic surgeon removed the final stitch
the joy.. her face, the immense relief
and how she loved me, beyond belief.

And now we have our champagne lunches,
she still sometimes wears her hair in bunches;
we have the greatest love for life,
for forty years... she's been my wife.
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