Rock Poetry

Life and booze 

Life and booze was not enough, she just had to try some other stuff.
Started to smoke some gentle grass, then rolled her own, thought life a farce.

Used to sit there all alone, eyes half closed, completely stoned.
All the straights would pass her by, rumour was she's going to die.

Then some freak really turned her on, had loads of chat, was a real con.
She sniffed some coke, was completely cooked, within two days she was really hooked.

He took her money and self respect, she treated herself with complete neglect,
soon enough ran out of bread, then found herself alone in bed.

Her father sometime later found her there, he held her close and stroked her hair,
their little girl was his again, he would move the world to ease her pain.

Intensive care, a psychiatrist, brought her back to the life she'd missed,
and slowly again her mind grew strong,
she was determined that she'd do no wrong.

Went back to family, and their lovely home,
stayed in at night would never roam.
Until she thought she was halfway cured,
She was quite content but somewhat bored.

So she ventured out, but with mum and dad,
that same night she met this lad.
Who saw in her what few had seen,
as his very special beauty queen.

To love and cherish was his only need,
but she could not believe it, misunderstood his greed
withdrew back into herself, felt more secure,
thought a lot but was completely sure.

But very soon her strength returned,
rang him up was reaffirmed.
Went out together and had some fun, at last
her life had now begun.

Her man was honest as he was strong,
she put all behind her before very long.
Her future now looked really good,
live a normal life? She was sure she could.

Now she thinks back to her life before,
and realised she'd been an utter bore.
Yet those troubles had brought a strength
to understand about life in depth.

People marvelled at her humanity,
and wished that they could be as free.
A happier soul could not be found,
her weaknesses buried underground.

Soon she married and raised her family,
and loved her man who was her destiny.
Never a union that was more secure
it would last for life and that's for sure.

If other parents would understand,
it's the very same in every land.
That sometimes our loved ones go astray,
but if truly loved they'll come back one day.
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