Rock Poetry


Godfray Amy born in 1934 but surprisingly still alive, fit and well. Reading some of my poems for the first time in many years made me realise how unhappy I was then, most of the hard and violent stuff written in the late 70's. At that time I owned a successful nightclub and hated the business so much I soon sold out and rid myself of the stress of coping with an underlying trouble of violence which might or might not surface on any given night. At the same time the girl I was in love with was singing in a successful girl band and away touring. They say that inspiration comes from emotional turmoil and this was a case in point. I was also writing lyrics to a songwriter friend of mine and have always written since an early age. I have written three novels and two plays, but had no commercial success. If you wish to know more you can make contact here.

I will add more poems as the days go by. Thank you for your interest. G.B.A.